Who are you?

Hi there, We are LovePawz a Dog Brand Trying to get the right products at Wholesale costs to you. 


How long you have been in business?

We Started LovePawz In the beginning of 2020 Right before the pandemic started hitting globally. We are now a national brand that wants the best just for our customers. We belive in one thing and that is Our Customers and that's why we strive to deliver the greatest in all possible ways. 


Why Do you sell the items you sell?

We love and adore Dogs they are naturally as people say humans best friends. So from there we decided to open up an online store that focuses on our Furry Friends.
We have Dogs of our own, but we could never find the right stores to get our Products from and when we did shipping times were terrible. So we started our own store that has grown and thanks to you guys has built a community.