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The Best Dog Hats and Dog Visors for the Sunbound Pup

We all know about hot weather saftey for dogs, but don’t always think about shading their eyes from the sun. Dogs’ eyes are very sensitive to light, and dog hats provide needed protection in bright conditions, and can also help preserve your dog’s vision over the long run. Plus, what’s cuter than a dog in a hat?

Read on to learn why some dogs should wear hats, and how to choose the best headgear for your dog.

Why should my dog wear a dog hat?

Consider the reasons you might wear a hat: for sun protection, comfort, and fashion. A dog baseball cap or visor offers the same benefits.

Here are some reasons to put a hat on your dog:

  • Help them see better in bright conditions
  • Protect their eyes from bright light that can aggravate cataracts, Pannus, and light sensitivity
  • Shade delicate facial skin from harmful UV rays. Although dogs aren’t susceptible to the same sun damage as humans, some breeds with thin coats need extra protection.
  • Last but not least, dogs look super adorable in hats!

The bottom line: hats provide sun protection and can make your dog more comfortable on a sunny day. Of course, you just might put a hat on your dog just for fun. Nothing wrong with that, so long as your dog is comfortable wearing clothes and doesn’t mind a strap around his chin.

The best dog hats for form and function (and fashion)

Sure, you could DIY a hat for your dog by attaching an elastic or drawstring strap to appropriately-sized human headgear. But we like hats specifically designed for canine heads because they stay in place and offer the best protection. Some are even made of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric or have cooling properties for summer days spent outdoors.

Like with any dog clothing, it’s important to measure your dog’s head properly to make sure of a good fit. You’ll want to measure the top of your dog’s head between the ears and compare the measurement to the product’s dimensions. Some dog hats claim to be “one size fits all,” but if you want the brim to cover your pet’s eyes, it’s especially important to get the fit right. Otherwise, the hat will only serve as an undersized (and annoying) accessory on your dog’s head, rather than as functional sun protection.

You’ll also want to pay attention to how well a dog hat stays on. Most hats use an elastic drawstring around the dog’s chin to keep it in place, but some use a velcro closure on the back of the hat to create a snug fit.

Here are our picks for the best dog visors and hats available.

Gorro Perro Cap

Looking for a great dog hat for your large breed pooch? This classic athletic style cap fits labs and golden retrievers. With cooling mesh and a wide corduroy brim, it offers sporty fashion and sun protection. The adjustable buckle ensures a good fit.

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Sombrero Straw Hat

Got a small breed pup in need of some shade? Though it won’t fit bigger dogs, this straw hat with an adjustable drawstring offers fashion and function for small breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkies. (For fun, complete the look with this incredible Hawaiian shirt.)

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Cowboy Hat for Dogs

Git along, little doggies! This adorable cowboy hat isn’t quite as functional as others on the list. But you have to admit, it’s darn tootin’ cute! It has an elastic band with velcro closure for easy on/off.

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Baja Ponchos Dog Sombrero Hat

Your pet can celebrate Cinco de Mayo all summer long with this adorable Baja Ponchos dog sombrero. Perfect for small breed dogs, this straw hat boasts a festive multi-colored brim and an adjustable elastic cord that fits snugly under the dog’s chin.

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TailUp Dog Hat- Lovepawz

This hat from Lovepawz shields your dog’s eyes from the sun, providing protection from harmful UV rays. It also features an adjustable chin strap and generous ear slots to ensure a comfortable fit. This hat is perfect for days spent at the beach or lake since it’s 100 percent waterproof!

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What if my dog won’t wear a dog hat?

Let’s be real: some dogs can’t handle headgear or hats. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other options for protecting your dog’s eyes, ears, and face from the sun.

Some dogs are more comfortable wearing sunglasses than hats. You can also put sunscreen on sensitive dog parts, as long as it’s pet-safe.

If your dog absolutely won’t wear anything on their head, keep them inside out of the sun, and use a portable sunshade when spending time outdoors.


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